Meet Juliana Da Cruz Borges

My Story

I was molested at age four. Raped at age thirteen. Pregnant and a mother by age seventeen. My parents were divorced by the time I was twelve, and my father wasn't there for me during my most precious years. The man who made me a mother physically, verbally, and emotionally abused me for over six years. At a young age I became familiar with feelings of rejection, abandonment, shame, and insecurity. Today, I stand before you a free woman by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am here to share my story and to bring hope and healing to women everywhere who have struggled or are struggling with the same things I have walked through and am walking through into freedom and victory. This is my heart's burden.

Real Life

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Each day I strive to practice being in the presence of the Lord. I work full time for an amazing company by day, and by night I am supermom to two amazing boys. I love cooking, working out, and spending time with family and/or friends.


I am the mother to two amazing boys. God truly blessed me with some talented kids. Each of them is unique in their own way. The Lord uses them continually to challenge me in my faith walk. 

My Ministry

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Ever since I was two years old, I loved music. I was the little girl who wanted a microphone for her birthday. My dad used to record me singing Madonna or Mariah Carey, or dancing to Michael Jackson. Today I sing on the worship team at church and am blessed to lead others into worship and praises to the Lord. Hope Restored is my passion. The mission is to coach women of all ages to find healing, redemption, and restoration.


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I am a huge health nut, I love to exercise and cook new foods, and really look forward to spending time with my family every weekend or going to the movies to see the newest Marvel movie. Something we started doing recently was traveling. We love to explore and see new places around the world.

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